Danube Home Bangladesh Odoo Version 15.0

Information about the Danube Home Bangladesh instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Custom Footer-DHB
Custom Footer Adding for any website
Balance Sheet Report Normal
Balance Sheet Report Normal.
DCL Payment Report
DCL Payment Report.
DCL Profit and Loss Report
Apps will create a profit and loss report.
Custom Cash Bank Day Book Report
Apps will create Cash/Bank/Day Report.
General Ledger Report
General Ledger Report
Partner Ledger Report
Partner Ledger Report
Category and Group Wise Trial Balance Report
Category and Group Wise Trial Balance Report.
Facebook Pixel Integration
Odoo Facebook Pixel Integration is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your Odoo website.
Google Shopping Feed
This module allows you to send the products of odoo into google shop.
Odoo Backend Debranding
This is the base odoo backend debranding module.
From quotations to invoices
Mail Approval
Mail Approval
Task TimeSheet
Task Timesheet Integration using common analytic account
External Operational Entries
External Operational Entries
Target Vs Achievement
Target Vs Achievement
Invoices & Payments
Hide Powered by and Manage DB Link
This module allows hide powered by and manage DB link from the login page
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Danube Website Desctiption Toggle
Danube Description Toggling building block/snippet
Danube Product Desctiption Demonstration
Danube Description Toggling building block/snippet
RFM Analysis - Marketing Strategy
RFM Analysis - A powerful marketing strategy RFM analysis increases business sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. RFM analysis allows marketers to target specific clusters of customers with communications that are much more relevant for their particular behavior – and thus generate much higher rates of response, plus increased loyalty and customer lifetime value. eCommerce sales analysis with RFM technique RFM analysis is a data driven customer behavior segmentation technique. RFM analysis increases eCommerce sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. It helps eCommerce sellers, online stores, marketplaces to boost their sales Directly integrated with Email Marketing, Automated mailing list generation feature
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Point of Sale
User-friendly PoS interface for shops and restaurants
Organize and plan your projects
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Submit, validate and reinvoice employee expenses
Time Off
Allocate PTOs and follow leaves requests
Centralize employee information
Discount on Sale & Purchase
Discount on Sale & Purchase
Atharva Theme Base
Base module for Atharva E-commerce themes
Odoo 15 Full Accounting Kit
Asset and Budget Management, Accounting Reports, PDC, Lock dates, Credit Limit, Follow Ups, Day-Bank-Cash book reports.
Open HRMS Employee Shift
Easily create, manage, and track employee shift schedules.
Open HRMS Branch Transfer
Employee transfer between branches
KnowSystem: Knowledge Base System
The tool to build deep and structured knowledge base for internal and external use. Knowledge System. KMS
Weevy Arc Backend Theme
Weevy Arc Backend Theme.
Track equipment and manage maintenance requests
Servicing Management
Module for managing mobile service shop daily activities.
Stock Report
Download report in excel format
Odoo Approval
Create and validate approval requests. Each request can be approved by many levels of different managers
One Card Payments
Purchase Vendor Product History
Activities Management Basic | All In One Schedule Activities | Activity Dashboard | Advance Schedule Activity | Dynamic Action For Multiple Activities | Activity Management Dashboard | Activities Dashboard
Activity Scheduler Employee Activity Supervisor Activity filter Activity Multi Activity Schedule Mass Activity Tag activity history Activity monitoring Activity multi users assign schedule activity schedule activities Multi Company Activity Mail Odoo
Import Product Images from Excel (from Path and URL)
import product image from csv, import product image fromexcel, import product picture from csv, import product pics from excel, import product photos from xls, import product photo from xlsx Odoo
Import Product Template from CSV/Excel file
import product Template from csv, import product Template from excel, import Template from csv, import product Template from xls, import product Template from xlsx odoo
Import Product Variant from CSV/Excel file - Advance
Import Product Variant From CSV, Import Product Variant Excel App,Import Product Variant XLS, Import Product Variant From XLSX Moule, Product Variant From Excel, Product Variant From CSV Odoo
Inventory Mobile Barcode Scanner | Inventory Mobile QRCode Scanner
Scan Mobile Barcode, Scan Tablet Barcode App, Scan Mobile Barcode Product, Scan Product Internal Reference No, Inventory Barcode Scanner,Inventory QRCode Scanner, Stock Mobile Barcode Scanner, Stock Mobile QRCode Scanner Odoo
Popup Message
create Success, warnings, alert message box wizard,success popup message app, alert popup module, email popup module odoo
Product QR Code Generator
Default Make QR Module,New Product QR Generate App,Existing Product QR Generate Application, Existing Multi Product QR Create, Custom Product QR Generator,Product QRCode Generator,QRCode Product Odoo
Publish events, sell tickets
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Publish blog posts, announces, news
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors
Create surveys and analyze answers
Build your own dashboards
Track employee attendance
SMS Marketing
Design, send and track SMS
Organize your work with memos
Manage a forum with FAQ and Q&A
Skills Management
Manage skills, knowledge and resumé of your employees
Employee Contracts