Elit Long Crib 70x130 with 5 Drawers

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Elit Long Crib 70x130 with 5 Drawers _White

141,590.42 ৳ 141590.42 BDT 141,590.42 ৳

141,590.42 ৳

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    V2 Elit
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    Kids bed
    Color Family
    5 Years
    Secondary Material
    Mattress Size
    W 120 x L 200
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    Product Information

    The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time for any family. Setting up the perfect nursery is a top priority, and finding the right crib is one of the most important decisions. An elegant long crib is both stylish and practical, providing a safe and comforting place for baby to sleep while maximizing nursery space.

    The Elit Long Crib from Danube Home Bangladesh is the ideal choice for modern nurseries. At 70x130cm in size, it fits well in both large and small nursery spaces. The sleek, minimalist design looks beautiful and complements any decor. It also converts from a crib to a toddler bed, meaning it can grow with your child.

    One of the standout features of this long crib is the inclusion of five spacious drawers underneath. These provide excellent storage for extra sheets, blankets, clothes, toys, and other nursery essentials. The drawers slide smoothly on metal roller glides and are easily accessible from the front.

    A convertible crib with drawers like this eliminates the need for a separate dresser or cabinet. The storage is right where you need it, keeping everything organized and close at hand for those late-night feedings and diaper changes.

    Choosing the right nursery furniture is key to creating a safe and functional space for babies. An infant’s room should be designed with care to support both the baby's and parents’ needs. The Elit long crib does this perfectly as a multi-functional centerpiece.

    The spacious 70x130cm proportions provide plenty of room for babies to sleep comfortably until toddlerhood. The smooth wooden bars on all sides keep babies safely contained while allowing for maximum airflow and visibility. Parents can check on their baby easily from all angles.

    The attached drawers integrate seamless storage that makes the most of the nursery’s footprint. All of a baby’s essentials can be stored efficiently right beneath the crib mattress. This saves space that would be taken up by a bulky dresser or cabinet.

    By combining essential sleep and storage functions, this crib eliminates clutter in the nursery. Its space-saving design even fits well in the smallest nursery layouts. Parents can better organize their baby’s items while creating a calming, enjoyable sleep space.

    An infant sleeper with built-in storage is absolutely essential on any new parent’s nursery checklist. Those first few months with a newborn mean sleep-deprived nights and endless rounds of feeding, changing, and soothing. Easy access to wipes, diapers, clothes, and other infant care items brings simplicity to such a hectic time.

    The Elit crib with five integrated drawers provides invaluable nursery storage. Its smooth wood frame with clean lines blends in beautifully as a stylish centerpiece. Drawers slide open easily to reveal ample room for organizing baby necessities.

    When shopping for a crib for your infant, look for versatile designs that can be converted later for continued use. Multi-functional cribs with storage like this one adapt to your growing child. Built with longevity and safety in mind, it transitions from a crib to a toddler bed with a conversion kit.

    Choosing the right crib for your nursery is an exciting part of preparing for a baby. Seek out styles that reflect your tastes, with thoughtful designs optimized for both infants and parents. The Elit convertible long crib brings contemporary style, ample storage, and adaptability for years of use.

    Setting up the nursery for a new baby is a time of joy—and stress! Finding a beautiful crib that also meets the needs of sleep, safety, and storage can be difficult. But the Elit long crib from Danube Home solves all those challenges in a single elegant design.

    At first glance, this crib looks chic and minimalist with its smoothed wood frame and subtle curves. The long rectangle shape at 70x130cm fits well along walls and in compact nursery spaces. But don’t let the simple style fool you. This crib has an amazing functional design!

    The most brilliant feature is hidden beneath: five spacious drawers built seamlessly into the base. These deep drawers provide concealed storage you won’t find in other cribs. Blankets, sheets, diapers, and all of the baby's items can be organized directly under the crib mattress.

    This means there is no need to place a bulky dresser in your nursery! It simplifies the space while keeping everything conveniently within reach. The drawers are made of smoothly finished wood, adding to the streamlined aesthetic. Their positioning also keeps nursery floors clutter-free and safer for parents and babies.

    For modern nursery furniture that looks great while providing essential storage, the Elit crib is perfect. Its versatile drawer system helps keep your nursery organized from the start. Discover how this space-saving crib can provide both style and function for your new baby’s room.

    Preparing a nursery for a newborn requires finding the right crib for safety, sleep, and practicality. Large, long cribs allow babies to sleep comfortably into the toddler years. Parents should also look for cribs with convenient storage to stay organized.

    The Elit 70x130cm long crib from Danube Home meets all these needs. It provides a stylish and versatile centerpiece for modern nursery design. Its minimalist aesthetic with clean lines blends into any decor.

    One of this crib's handiest features is its five drawers, built seamlessly into the base. This provides out-of-sight storage for blankets, crib sheets, extra clothes, and all of a baby's items. Locating storage right under the crib keeps everything nearby for quick access when needed.

    The drawers slide smoothly on metal glides and are crafted from durable wood in a matching finish. Combined with the crib's spacious proportions, you get an infant bed with ample room to grow that doesn’t take up excessive floor space.

    This clever crib design supports your child from infancy into the toddler years. It also adapts to your changing storage needs. For baby gear that is both stylish and functional, the Elit convertible long crib is a top choice.

    Bringing a new baby home is filled with so much joy—and many practical concerns! Finding nursery furniture that is both safe and stylish can be difficult. The Elit crib by Danube Home combines aesthetics, versatility, and valuable storage.

    This crib immediately impresses with its minimalist design. The long rectangular frame is smooth-finished wood with gentle curves. It blends beautifully into modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian-style nurseries. The proportions allow it to fit any nursery layout, large or small.

    While sleek and simple on the outside, this crib contains a brilliant surprise inside. Underneath the mattress are five capacious drawers on smooth metal glides. This integrated storage helps organize blankets, clothes, diapers, and much more.

    Having this essential nursery storage directly attached to the crib is a lifesaver. Everything can be easily accessed in the middle of the night when a baby wakes up hungry or needs a diaper change. It also keeps the nursery tidy by reducing clutter.

    As a baby grows, this versatile crib converts into a toddler bed. The spacious 70x130cm size allows your child to sleep comfortably for years. It truly becomes a long-lasting piece of nursery furniture.

    For new and expectant parents, finding baby gear that is both stylish and functional can be a challenge. The Elit crib meets this need with its sleek, contemporary design and clever integration of ample hidden storage. It’s a modern crib to last from infant to toddler.

    The nursery is where babies will dreamily spend most of their first months and years. This special room should be designed with care to meet all of the baby’s needs in a space that brings joy. Safety, comfort, and convenience are top priorities.

    Danube Home’s Elit Long Crib does it all, providing a multi-functional infant bed as a stylish centerpiece for modern nursery decor. Its minimalist design with a smooth wooden frame blends beautifully into any style of room.

    While simple and elegant on the outside, the interior is thoughtfully designed for function. Five sizeable drawers underneath the crib provide out-of-sight storage for organizing blankets, clothes, diapers, and other essentials.

    Having quick access to these items means less stress for sleep-deprived parents. The crib also converts to a toddler bed, making it a nursery item that can last for years.

    When choosing furniture for your new baby, seek out quality designs that are versatile, sturdy, and space-saving. Danube Home’s clever crib combines all this into a product that is both useful and beautiful. Let it be the stylish and practical centerpiece of your nursery.

    Bringing your new baby home is magical and stressful! As you design the perfect nursery, finding multifunctional furniture is key to creating an organized, soothing space for your little one. The Elit long crib by Danube Home is the ideal solution.

    This convertible crib is specially designed to be space-saving with its long, narrow shape. At 70 x 130 cm, it can fit in nurseries both large and small. The minimalist wooden frame blends beautifully into any decor.

    Do not overlook this crib’s incredible hidden storage! Underneath are five smooth-gliding drawers, providing ample space for blankets, clothing, diapers, and all baby items. This keeps everything handy when needed while reducing clutter in the nursery.

    The crib converts to a toddler bed, providing years of use. Together with the built-in storage, it’s a nursery essential that simplifies organizing baby’s items. For stylish and functional baby furniture, look no further than the Elit crib.

    Setting up the perfect nursery is so exciting for new parents! Make sure to choose a crib that prioritizes comfort, safety, and functionality. Danube Home’s Elit long crib provides all this in a sophisticated, space-saving design.

    At first glance, this crib looks both cozy and stylish. The narrow rectangular shape in smooth wood is perfect for maximizing floor space. But the incredible built-in storage sets it apart!

    Tucked away under the mattress are five spacious drawers on smooth glides. They offer ample hidden storage right where you need it most. Blankets, clothes, diapers, and more can be neatly organized without taking up space.

    This creates a clutter-free nursery environment. The crib fits more seamlessly into small nursery layouts. And everything is within reach for those late-night changings and feedings. As an added bonus, the crib converts to a toddler bed.

    For the parent seeking a crib that considers both design and function, the Elit crib is the solution. Let it be the stylish, useful centerpiece of your nursery room essentials.

    The best nursery furniture meets the needs of both parents and babies. The Elit Long Crib accomplishes this with its versatile design focused on safety, storage, and style. As a new or expecting parent, consider how this crib can help build your dream nursery.

    The smooth, minimalist wood frame blends beautifully into any nursery aesthetic. Its 70x130cm long shape fits perfectly along walls and in compact spaces. Sleek in appearance, but don’t overlook the crib’s storage capabilities!

    Tucked discreetly underneath are five spacious drawers, adding essential storage without taking up space. They offer ample room for organizing blankets, clothing, diapers and all other nursery necessities.

    This built-in storage provides easy access to essentials when sleep-deprived parents need them most. The crib also adapts to a toddler bed, providing years of use as your child grows. It satisfies safety, comfort, and convenience needs for both parents and babies.

    The Elit crib will become your nursery’s most useful design element. With its practical storage solutions and modern style, it simplifies your new baby transition while creating a peaceful sleep space.

    When preparing a nursery for a newborn, finding a crib that grows with your child is key. Safety, comfort, and built-in storage also top parents’s wish lists. Danube Home’s Elit long crib satisfies all these needs with a stylish, versatile design.

    This narrow rectangular crib maximizes space at 70x130cm while providing plenty of room for your infant. Its minimalist wood frame integrates beautifully into modern nurseries. But the most ingenious feature lurks discreetly underneath.

    Built seamlessly into the base are five spacious drawers on smooth metal glides. Rather than take up more space, these integrated drawers provide out-of-sight storage for blankets, clothes, diapers, and more.

    This creates a clutter-free nursery environment while keeping everything conveniently accessible. As the baby grows, the crib adapts to a toddler bed for years of use. It's both safe and functional.

    The Elit crib proves that style and purpose don’t have to be exclusive. With its practical storage solutions and contemporary design, it simplifies your preparation for your baby’s arrival while providing a cozy sleeping space for your little one.

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    Elit Long Crib 70x130 with 5 Drawers

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